About Me

I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My dad moved the family there in 1989.  I watched my dad start his drywall construction business. He worked hard to provide for my mom, sister, brother and I.  My dad is a very smart business man.  He started with a 2 man crew (just my uncle and him) and built it into a business that needed to  hire many more employees and working on the elite houses in Jackson.  He is the reason I have a desire to help contractors build successful business.


I started working on jobs with him when I was 14. From there I moved on to a career in insurance when I was 17.  In fact I still work in title insurance today and I also handle the books for a small insurance agency in Idaho. In 2011 I went back to work for my dad, only this time in the office and not on the jobs.  He taught me how to handle his bookkeeping and what is needed to continue to be a successful contractor.  I still handle his bookkeeping today and I enjoy talking shop with him.


So where does my desire to help naturopathic doctors come in? I have seen many people I care about fight many different diseases. My mom has always leaned toward treating ailments naturally. When I was a teenager my mom went through a bad stretch with her health. She decided to use herbs and diet changes to help. She is still using natural supplements to boost her immune system, keep her lupus in check, and help with her energy. Today my entire family use natural means to health. I want to help naturopathic doctors to thrive in their business.  An essential part of a thriving business is or course GREAT bookkeeping.


What about my home life? I married in 2003. My husband and I have 2 wonderful kids. I love being able to work at home. This enables me to be a stay-at-home mom. I LOVE being a bookkeeper. I enjoy the sense of order that comes about when you have a system for your books. I know bookkeeping seems boring and even daunting to many people. But not to me!  I have completed a bookkeeping course through Bookkeeping Academy. I am also a Xero Certified Advisor and a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor. I feel that continuing education is a very important part of being a GREAT bookkeeper.